Always. That’s how long it had been.

Infinity came times infinity next.

Two sids to me, right in front of me.

The broken road lead me to you in your indigo, wait periwinkle, no, indigo frame.

With strength naturally given, earned and fought for, my feet did not stand a chance.

Brash, and boisterous your style of verbiage.

Yet inside: the heart of a beast. A beautiful beast.

A heart forged in trials one could not imagine, nor would they want to.

So you hid them with walls to your heart.

In plain sight for only one to see.

You love a good puzzle, and winning, alike.

And then came me.

A puzzle in a puzzle, in a conundrum, written backward, and upside down.

Easy solve, when you created the game. Or did you? Create. Did you solve?

You knew what would get me, catch me, if you might say.

Giving me clues since day one.

Incase I got lost, as in your prediction, or was it a trap? Or should I say hunch?

Perhaps an obstacle purposely placed.

You asked me did I look at you.

You claim I didn’t see.

I wonder though, if you noticed me.

The devil is in the details baby.

And I read between the lines.

You wear your heart on your sleeve, for the most part.

I saw you from day one.

The physics, the chemistry, of it all.

Your indigo chased my light in order to consume.

My darkness met yours and round we went.

Our first dance in the farm, then rumple and under a starry gold night.

Flex of gold: to home, to white gold, to home.

Then Rome.

The best, the greatest most wonderful piece.

No more just me.

What I have always known, remains now.

Chi is for Tea.

Packs are for wolves.

I know where my heart is, always.

Maybe at times, it didn’t seem it then, but always.

At least a portion of it.

But always.

With me, with you, with him, with them.

Off the wall isn’t bad. It’s family.

All is fair, that’s what they say.

In this game there are to jokers and one queen of hearts.

Whose got you on lock, caps?

You love freebird, if that’s what your choose.

If it’s ever to stay, it is to leave as well.

But instead of nevermore, I says always.

Indigo, the last in the rainbow

But blue burns brightest.

My shining stars.

Two jokers, one king, an Ace and Queen of hearts.

Whose hand is it?

A royal flush can be four.

Just as before, always but not to much.

Patience this time.

No more for free.

Mono y mono es por me.

24/7 is not.

Back to future, to what’s true.

With my two,

My three,

And extended.

Can’t touch this.

One, millions, and back to one.

Never giving up, on him.

Always to Indigo, him and the three.


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