Disappearing Act

Disappearing Act

A magicians greatest trick.

Just when you’re caught up in the slight of hand

Entranced in the shadow floating across the stage

Just as your breathe tightens in your chest with excitement

Disappearing Act

When all focus is on one point

Lost in the whirlwind of enchantment

When following becomes more challenging

Disappearing Act

Times that were good, fun, and happy; turned sad

Unsure of how to fix or solve

Times that overwhelm like a Title wave

Disappearing Act

Just when we its about to break

Just when faith is all you have

Just when your grip begins to fail

Disappearing Act

Turn around, and now you see

Don’t just see what you want to see

Keep your focus clear

Don’t Disappear

When thick and thin is what it is

Through storm and fire they would walk

Tough or not

Don’t Disappear

When handwork is fun

The end of the day the most work, but the best relief

When it seems like all you wanted is to much

Don’t Disappear

Believe in yourself

God won’t give you a task you cannot handle

Fight for those you love and those that love you

Don’t disappear

Remember it is just an act, the magician always comes back

Don’t lose hope when you cannot see

Believe and have faith

Disappearing Act

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